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Our 10 Week Summer Program

Our 10 Week Summer Program

Preparing for the first year of elementary school takes quite a bit of work. However, it doesn’t have to seem like work at all. Children enrolled in a summer program at a child care center can have a lot of fun and work on the skills they’ll need when they start Kindergarten. These programs are designed to do more than just entertain the children while the parents work; they are created to actively encourage the children to learn and practice the skills they learn.

Parents will want to enroll their child in a school designed to help the children learn and have fun with their peers. It’s important for parents to choose a program that’s designed to help them learn as much as possible, not to just babysit them while their parents work. This way, the children will be prepared for the next year in school and will have what they need to succeed.

Why Should Children Attend School During the Summer?

Many parents still need to work during the summer months, so they’ll need childcare. However, they won’t want to just have their child sitting and watching movies throughout the summer, so they’ll want to make sure they choose an excellent preschool program. A preschool program is going to use play and other activities to help the children learn and to prepare them for Kindergarten, not just keep them busy during the day.

Parents can feel better knowing their children will be active throughout the summer and learning new things every day. The children will have fun throughout the summer and will have the chance to learn many new skills as well as improve on the skills they’ve already learned so they will be ready for the next school year. When the child is enrolled in the summer preschool program before they begin Kindergarten, they’ll be able to learn the necessary skills to do well the next year and to make sure they have the best foundation for a lifetime of learning.

What Will the Children Do During the Summer?

The summer program teaches children using the same methods as the standard school year. They’ll be engaged in plenty of play with their peers to learn valuable social skills like sharing and taking turns. They’ll focus on the summer theme and will be able to go on two field trips a week to ensure they have a chance to see the world around them. Field trips provide an exciting opportunity to see new sights and learn new skills. The children get a chance to have a lot of fun while still learning quite a bit so they can be prepared for the next step in their education.

What is the Theme for the Summer Program?

This year’s summer theme is “Great Cities of the World” and the children will learn about two cities each week. This gives them the chance to learn more about places that are far away, and some children may even aspire to see those cities themselves one day. They’ll learn about different cultures and get the chance to learn about how big the world really is. The theme is different every summer and differs from the themes throughout the school year to broaden their knowledge and help them learn more about everything around them.

What Skills Will the Children Work On?

During the summer program, the children will work on a variety of skills just like they do during the standard school year. They’ll focus on learning how to play with others, how to share, how to take turns, and how to follow directions for their safety. They’ll focus on developing their fine and gross motors skills as well as developing the skills they will need when they’re learning to read, write, and do math in later years. They can start learning the basic foundations now for the skills they’ll use throughout their time in school.

How Does the School Focus on Learning New Skills?

A summer preschool program is based on play. The children will have fun throughout the day as they listen to stories and music, learn about colors, shapes, numbers, and letters with their teacher and friends, and play on their own while they develop essential skills. Playing is done inside and outside to encourage activity and to help them learn more about their own interests.

Summer programs do have field trips twice a week to encourage them to learn more about the city they live in and the theme for the summer will be taught throughout lessons and through play. Playing can be done on their own or with friends and teachers, and the teachers will work to help them learn as they play throughout the day.

Why is a Christian-Based School a Good Idea?

Parents may want to choose a Christian-based school so their child will receive a religious education while they’re preparing for learning in elementary school. Bible lessons will be taught and will encourage the children to learn more about how to be honest, how to be nice to others, and other Christian values their parents want them to learn. This broadens what they’ll learn and provides another way to learn the essential skills they’ll need as they listen to stories from the Bible that provide the “why” for being nice, being honest, and more.

Enroll Today to Give Your Child the Skills They Need for the Future

Kid Academy is a child care center in Gulfport that focuses on teaching the children the skills they need for the future through play-based fun and activities. They focus on teaching your child the basics of what they’ll need to know while having fun and can help make sure they’re prepared for their first year of elementary school. Kid Academy has been teaching children for 17 years and counting, having worked hard to create a curriculum designed for children to find education fun. Take a tour of Kid Academy or speak with a staff member today to learn more about everything the school has to offer your child.

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