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Afterschool Program in Gulfport, MS Available to All Kid Academy Students

Kid Academy’s afterschool program is perfect for parents and students who looking for educational assistance and a chance to learn more after school hours. The school has a 15-passenger van that is ready to pick up students from elementary schools such as Anniston Avenue Elementary, Bayou View Elementary, Biloxi Upper Middle, Pass Road Elementary, Popps Ferry Elementary, and St. James Elementary. Other pick-up points can be discussed with the management team and arranged according to the needs of the student or the parent. After the students have been picked up from these pickup points, they are then taken to Kid Academy for the afterschool program. Once they have arrived at Kid Academy, the students are given snacks and get a chance to interact with peers before homework begins.

Our afterschool teachers then help each student with their homework or to prepare for a test. Parents are welcome to give feedback and suggestions regarding specific topics or subjects that you would like for your child to focus on. Our teachers are ready to assist your child in any subject that they need to review, or to understand any concept that might still be confusing to them.

Tests and quizzes can also become a stressful part of school for some students, which is why we also offer to review tests and quizzes so that the students will feel prepared and ready for it. We aim to prepare the students for any test and for them to feel confident about their ability to ace lessons that will be tested. Students are encouraged to talk to the teachers and share anything that they feel should be focused on in order for them to feel prepared for it.

Once Homework is Finished at Kid Academy’s Afterschool Program…

After the homework and reviewing for tests have been completed, the students are welcome to play with peers or participate in educational games. Kid Academy is one of the premier preschools in Gulfport, MS and we take pride in supporting the holistic development of the children. This is why we encourage outdoor play activities and social interaction with the other students to practice being patient, sharing and respecting peers. We have a fantastic space for outdoor activities and games, which is best for active children who are ready to run around and enjoy the outdoors. Physical activities are highly encouraged to simulate the brain and to release any stress that the student might have felt during the school day. Through physical activities, the students can get the needed exercise for their age.

A Preschool with Child Care Hours

Our excellent childcare programs are one of the reasons why many parents have decided to enroll their children with us. And our afterschool program provides students with a chance to finish their homework or to review for a test without the pressure. Assistance with homework or tests also gives the students the chance to review their previous lessons without feeling left out in class or embarrassed about asking questions. Our teachers are encouraging, knowledgeable, and patient with all of the students. Their expertise with children makes them some of the great teachers for your kids. Our teachers are more than willing to discuss with you any concern or specific matter that could better help your child with their studies and their development. Let us know if you have any questions our staff or teachers may be able to assist you with.

School holidays are a fun time to be with Kid Academy. We encourage afterschool students to continue attending the afterschool programs at the Kid Academy for some fun games and exciting activities. We also have an excellent range of activities for the older kids that they are sure to enjoy. Field trips and visits to some educational sights are also included in the activities.