Bible School

A Children’s Church Curriculum at Kid Academy

Kid Academy has the perfect children’s church curriculum for all the young ones. By sharing bible stories with children, they are able to better understand the Christian principles and values that will help guide them in life. Our bible stories are applicable to all the young ages and teach them about being patient, sharing, and being kind to others.

Children at their young age start to develop their core social skills, and with the right teachings, children can grow up to be respectful and honest community members. Kid Academy focuses on the major bible stories and then continues to go deeper into the story as the age gets older. The lessons that the children learn from each story are supposed to help them navigate life with what they have been taught. Our teachers are dedicated to getting the message across to the young audience and create activities that are interactive and exciting. This way the students can better remember and recall the details of the stories. Kid Academy is excited to have you become a part of our Bible Study program and encourages parents to call or visit the school for any questions or clarifications.

Unique Methods of Teaching

Bible study for kids does not have to be complicated or hard. Our teachers at Kid Academy have crafted ways that the children can better enjoy the stories through arts, songs, dances, or poems. We find ways for your children to have fun and to learn at the same time. Learning about the Bible can be hard at times, but we have arranged our curriculum in a way that the students have somewhere to start and to eventually build on the ideas from the Bible.

We also use daily examples on how to apply the concepts that they have learned from the Bible such as interacting with others, learning how to share, and to being kind at all times. The stories are applied to the child’s life and they are taught just how important Bible studies are. The teachers also encourage students to memorize bible verses or stories so that when they need to recall the stories they can better do so. Memorizing bible verses can also help them deal with social interactions outside of the school grounds and to act according to the Christian principles. Even before children have the ability to read, they already possess the skills to memorize passages and lines from the bible. We use this to the child’s advantage.

Bible Curriculum for Kids in Gulfport, MS

Kid Academy has one of the best Bible school curriculums in Gulfport, MS, and we welcome children no matter how much they have or have not been exposed to the Christian principles and bible stories.

Through a variety of activities and games, the teachers find something that excites the children and uses this to teach them the bible principles. This helps the children associate bible studies with something exciting and amusing instead of dreading it and thinking it is boring.
We encourage each student to also read or learn more about the Bible after school hours. As we use Bible study in our classes every day, it helps remind the students about the reasons why we read stories each day that can help them dealing with certain events. The Bible is also part of daily devotion and we teach kids that the Bible is more than just a book. Concepts such as where the Bible comes from, who wrote it, why it is important, and how it can help them have a great life are some of the things that we discuss with our students. We also teach them how to use it for the betterment of everyone and how it can be a useful tool for each person.