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Educational Practices for the Toddlers at Kid Academy

Kid Academy is one of the top learning centers for toddlers in Gulfport, MS. Toddlers enjoy their time with us as we start with daily devotion, the Pledge of Allegiance, and our Morning Review. All of these daily activities will be taught to the toddlers during the start of the school year. Included in our day-to-day activities are learning educational songs, dance, and stories to introduce the theme for the day. These interactive activities are all planned to make an impression on the kids and for them to learn new things each day. Flash cards are also used to recall numbers, alphabets, shapes, and colors. This is a fun way to test toddlers on what they remember and what may need to be focused on. Our art and crafts activities are also very hands on as it allows the toddlers to visualize and exercise their motor skills through creating art. These activities also incorporate numbers, letters, and shapes. Finger painting, sponge painting, and learning with the senses are some of the activities that are done daily. Toddlers have the chance to experiment with different types of textures and colors, which will help their mental development and learning throughout their life.

Pre-school Education in Gulfport, MS that Focuses on Social and Mental Development

The pre-school education that Kid Academy offers is more than just an indoor class. Toddlers are given the chance for social interaction with other students. This is a huge part of the learning experience of toddlers as it develops their basic motor skills and also encourages sharing, being patient, taking turns, being gentle, and speaking kindly to other students of their age. There are so many benefits of social play and are one of the most vital influences in the growth of children. Making new friends is also beneficial to the development of the toddlers as they learn to be more open and welcoming of other people. The tolerance of others is important to the growth of any child.

Playtime is A Necessary Learning Experience

Many of our toddlers at Kid Academy enjoy being outdoors, playing ball, and spending time at the playground while getting to know their peers. We place importance on activities that they enjoy doing and make sure that they are safe while doing these activities. There are many other ways of teaching lined up that will definitely be enjoyed by the every student. All of our activities are meant to provide avenues for the toddlers to enjoy their time and to learn while doing so. It is our duty to provide these tools for learning so they can interact with and get to know other kids through both learning and through play. At Kid Academy, you can trust that we have a safe learning environment that welcomes kids from all different personalities and backgrounds. We want to help kids develop these personalities in a place that celebrates uniqueness.

Cleanliness is an Important Part of Any Preschool Learning Center in Gulfport, MS

Due to the number of toddlers that we accommodate each day, we understand it is important to ensure that our classrooms, play areas, and bathrooms are completely clean and hygienic at all times. In order to prevent flu or any bacteria from being passed on to one another, we make sure that our preschool is clean. Not only do we provide fantastic preschool education, but we also value the health of our students. Parents can rest assured knowing that their child’s learning and play environment is always held to such high standards of cleanliness. We have staff who are always looking out for potential hazards throughout the day. The staff at Kid Academy is attentive to the needs of the students and aim to do what is best for them in all areas of their development. The parents are welcome to chat with the teachers regarding anything specific about their child or children. They will be heard by one of our accommodating and friendly staff who help ensure the best for our Kid Academy students.