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A Day In the Life of a Pre-K4 Student at Kid Academy…

A usual day as a Pre-K4 student at Kid Academy starts off with the daily devotion, the Pledge of Allegiance, and our Morning Review. The Morning Review is a time for the class to review all of the things that they have learned from previous lessons such as letters, colors, shapes, and numbers that are highlighted for the month.

Each month has a theme and a specific letter, number, or color that will be focused on during the classes. Worksheets are part of the activities to see how the students are progressing in their daily tasks as well as to reiterate the lessons that have been given that day. It is also a chance for parents to witness how their child is coping with the workload at school. We continue to give students time to paint and unleash their creativity through painting and crafts. Not only does this expand their imagination but it also helps them express themselves through a creative platform. Although the Pre-K4 curriculum is more structured, it still continues to assist the children in their sensory and social development.

Writing and Language Lessons in Pre-K4

Kid Academy is one of the best Pre-K4 schools in Gulfport, MS as the curriculum continues to educate children in various skills. Name writing is encouraged to develop the phonetic skills of the children as they learn to recognize different words. Coins, number lines, greater-than and less-than math concepts are also introduced during this stage of education. We incorporate math and numbers to everyday objects so that it is easier for the children to remember and learn.

Our Pre-K4 students will also have Spanish classes in their daily activities. How to converse in basic Spanish and how to tell shapes, colors, and numbers are all included in the Spanish lessons that will be given to the students.
This is a chance for them to learn a new language and to familiarize themselves with something new and exciting. Weekly Reader is another activity that is introduced to the students. Weekly Reader tackles different stories and assists the children in developing comprehension, story sequence, and memory development.

A Christian-based Learning Environment in Gulfport, MS

A Christian environment is continued to be encouraged through Bible study. Bible stories are included in the curriculum with corresponding worksheets in order for the children to be able to recall what they have learned. It is also a way to apply the Christian lifestyle of being kind, patient, and giving to others. This is practiced through social play and interactions wherein the students have the chance to mingle and interact with the other students. Sharing and speaking in a kind manner is highly encouraged in the playground. Not only does social play help students to develop their social skills but they also get the chance to run around and enjoy physical exercise.

To deepen their understanding of the world, the children are taken out on monthly, educational field trips. The library, bowling center, gardens, and parks are some of the exciting field trip destinations available to students. We welcome parents and grandparents to join the field trips.

Worksheets that have been completed during the day are sent home to parents in order for them to have an understanding of the child’s educational progress during their time at school. A weekly report card is also given to the parents for them to monitor their child’s performance during the whole week. This is why we are one of the best daycares in Gulfport, MS because we value our students progress. We also encourage parents to ask their kids questions about the lessons in order to jog their memory. Report cards are sent out in December and May and show what the children have learned throughout the semester.