Kid Academy has excellent childcare programs for our students and parents. We are a preschool with child care hours, convenient for many parents’ schedules. If you want your children to be the best that they can be, then enroll with us today. Kid Academy believes in teaching students concepts based on their age bracket and how they progress throughout the school year. There are many ways in which we handle our classes and lesson plans so that each student comes out with a better understanding of topics such as addition, subtraction, words, letters, shapes, and colors. Our excellent curriculum has been honed over 21 years of being open. It is not only the best curriculum to get them prepared for the next educational year, but it is also fun and engaging, curated to keep the child’s interest and attention.

Christian Focused Preschool Education in Gulfport, MS

Our Christian-based learning environment is reiterated through Bible studies and storytelling that teach our students about sharing, being patient, and being kind to others, among other things. The social development of children is incorporated into our curriculum through social play and applying the concepts that have been learned from the Bible. Bible study is included in the daily lessons and encourages students to ask questions regarding the Christian life and the principles of Christianity.

Parents are sent weekly report cards of their child’s progress so they can keep up with their child’s performance during the week. Parents are welcome to discuss the class after each day so that they are able to better recall the ideas and lessons taught during that day.

Kid Academy’s management team also welcomes the parents or guardians to ask questions and speak to any of the teachers if there are specific topics that they would like to discuss. There are themes that the teachers stick to during the month such as colors, shapes, numbers, or words that are reiterated through everyday activities. This is to help the children better remember the concepts and be able to connect and apply it even outside of the classroom.

Our Curriculum is Focused on Growth and Progress.

From Pre-K2 to Pre-K5, we are focused on the educational progress of the students and create lessons that cater to their needs. We have ways of teaching concepts that will not seem repetitive or too strict for our children. We understand that children learn in different ways, which is why our lessons include music, poems, stories, and art to encourage their artistic side. Math, reading, sciences, and linguistics lessons are created to simulate the children mentally and help them think outside of the box. Through mental exercises, the cognitive ability of our students develop. Parents are encouraged to ask their kids to discuss anything that they might not completely understand yet or are having a hard time with in order for the next activities to be planned according to the needs of their child.

Kid Academy recognizes the importance of preschool education, and because of that, we shape our lessons and curriculum in a way that facilitates the development of our students. You won’t want to miss out on what we have to offer. At Kid Academy, we can assure you that your children will learn while having fun at the same time.

Tours of the campus or a copy of the curriculum is available upon request for any parent who wants to see a sample of how we educate and facilitate growth in our students at Kid Academy. We always make sure that the campus is clean and tidy at all times. Children are protected from possible hazards and also learn how to keep the area clean by picking up toys and putting away games. Our daycare and preschool facility is fantastic for growing, young kids to play and to learn more about the world around them.

We welcome parents to call us or visit us if you are interested in being part of one of the best preschools in Gulfport, MS.