Arts and Crafts

Parents need to plan activities and care for their children when they are not available, but finding a facility that protects children and keeps them safe while engaging their minds isn’t always easy. Fortunately, every parent who has enrolled in Kid Academy has found this center meets these criteria and more.

Kid Academy is a learning facility located in Gulfport, Mississippi, that offers childcare for infants all the way to school-age children who need care until their parents return home from work. The center provides a learning environment that is both safe and Christian-based. Parents can remain in close contact with staff members should they choose, and every family meets with the principal before their child enters the pre-school program to ensure Kid Academy is a good fit for their child.

Safety First

To guarantee the safety of all on the campus, Kid Academy has multiple cameras throughout the building, in every classroom and on the playground. Furthermore, nobody can enter the center without a four-digit code to ensure only authorized individuals have access to the staff and children. These safety measures do not mean the children can’t have fun, however, as the entire curriculum is designed around fun learning activities.

Summer Camp

When school is out, parents need to make sure their kids stay out of trouble and engaged in the world around them. Kid Academy offers a fun summer camp program designed to help parents achieve this goal. Each summer focuses on a different theme involving games, crafts, and more to supplement the information provided.

Arts and Crafts

They may not realize it, but children who participate in arts and crafts are more creative and quick-thinking in all areas of learning. The arts and crafts activities can also be made into games, which are an important part of learning. For example, when children are given an opportunity to play a game that incorporates text, their experience with reading will increase simply because they are interested in learning what it says. Playing games with other children will help them understand the importance of sharing and learning the rules will help them develop strategy. Other developmental skills children learn in simple games are patience as they wait for their turn in the game, and some games may require children to learn to work together to solve problems as a group.


Socialization is import at every age, and the summer camp brings children together in a way that is fun and meaningful. Friendships made at this time may last a lifetime, and the children discover how to interact with others who they may otherwise not encounter or befriend. Because the focus is on fun learning, they do so in an environment that is enjoyable, and this can help to strengthen the relationships they are developing.

Kid Academy

Don’t settle for a discount child care facility or a home-based provider who may simply put children in front of a TV, encouraging screen time while your children learn from the world of fiction. Choose to enroll in Kid Academy, which provides children with activities that will keep them physically active while enriching their minds in a fun and engaging way. Give us a call today; a Kid Academy staff member is ready to speak to you to see if your child is a good fit.