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Experiencing a Curriculum Fit For Three Year Olds at Kid Academy in Gulfport, MS

Our Pre-K3 program is the beginning of a more structured classroom setting. The children are still highly encouraged to play with friends and create art, but there are also lesson plans integrated into the everyday activities. Learning to listen to the teachers and other peers are included in some of the things that students will start learning when in the Pre-K3 program. It is important that children can still apply all the things that they learn to everyday circumstances, such as listening to the teacher, sitting still when asked to, and using a kind and gentle voice when speaking to others. Kid Academy has one of the best programs among all of the for Pre-K3 preschools in Gulfport, MS. We believe that things learned in the classroom should not just be practiced in the school grounds but also outside of it. This is why we put importance on the social activities and events that help develop the needed skills for social interaction.

Each day begins with morning devotion, the Pledge of Allegiance, and our Morning Review. The Morning Review is a time to discuss and reiterate the theme of the month. The theme of the month is taught through colors, shapes, numbers, and letters that are all connected to the main theme. This helps the students remember lessons better and help them connect different objects together. The students are also given daily exercises to be able to practice their handwriting skills such as tracing their names and other easy words to spell. The letters of the month are included in the lessons through different manners.

Worksheets will also be given to the students as a way to exhibit the child’s progress in of the subject at hand. We welcome parents to discuss the day’s lessons with their children and to check in with the progress they are making at school.

Teaching Your Child Everything they Need to Know about Manners

Kid Academy’s preschool for three year olds still continues to teach manners and social skills inside and outside of the classroom. This is taught through interactive activities or playtime that expects the students to share, to be patient with others, to speak kindly, and to wait their turn.

Through structured physical education classes, we aim to give the students their needed exercise for the day as well as discover the importance of teamwork. The different physical exercises also assist the development of the child through different games and getting the chance to explore the area freely. All of the energy of a child is put to good use and helps them understand the importance of physical fitness.

A Christian Learning Environment Fit for Three Year Olds

A Christian learning environment is encouraged up to Pre-K3 and Bible studies are a regular part of our lesson plan. The stories studied in the bible are used build up the child’s faith, and for them to cultivate a deeper understanding of the concepts taught in the stories, such as patience, kindness, and treating others well. What a Christian lifestyle looks like will be also be taught to the students through the use of different Bible stories. Learning how to apply these stories to real life can help the children better understand the meaning of a true Christian life.

A weekly progress report will be sent out to the parents to let them know about the progress of their child during the week. All of the activities that were done within the week will be discussed in the report and the parents have the chance to see where their child is excelling or if there is a need to focus on a certain aspect of their education.

Parents are welcome to discuss the progress with their children to better understand what they have learned. The parents will also be given report cards every December and May for them to know what the students have learned and how they have been able to handle the work in the classes.