Fun Learning

Fun Learning Activities for Your Child This Summer

Simply watching movies all day does nothing to help young children grow. They need to be able to play with friends, get outside, see new sights, and just enjoy their time throughout the summer. Parents of young children may want to have their children attend the summer program at Kid Academy to ensure they get as much as possible out of their summer.

Summer Camp Information

The summer program lasts 10 weeks. During the summer at Kid Academy, children don’t spend their days watching movies while their parents are at work. Instead, the children have an opportunity to learn more about Gulfport, learn more about the world around them, play with friends, create projects, and much more.

Parents can be sure their children will not only be safe and cared for during the day, but also that their children will continue to have fun every day while learning new things. The Kid Academy summer camp program provides an opportunity for kids to really get to know more about the world around them, the different cultures around the world, and what there is to see in their own city.

Check Out Places Around Town

During the summer program, children will have a chance to go on two field trips per week to different locations around Gulfport. They’ll learn how to behave when they’re on field trips and at different locations, check out sights they might not have seen yet, and learn more about the city as they travel through it to visit different places.

Field trips provide a chance to see some of the things they’ll learn about, as well as be able to have hands-on experiences they’re going enjoy. Each field trip is different, and the child will learn more about different sights, historical land marks, or museums.

Safety is a Concern on Field Trips

Safety is a top concern for the staff at the Kid Academy. Parents can relax knowing each staff member is reliable and their children are in a safe daycare environment. Safety procedures are in place to ensure the children will be safe during all the field trips. Parents who want more detailed information about the safety plans can speak with a staff member from the Kid Academy prior to field trips.

Along with making sure the children are safe during field trips, the teachers work to show the children what they need to know to be safe. Holding hands while walking, staying with the group, and following directions are all stressed. The children will have a chance to practice these safety guidelines every time they’re on a field trip.

Arts and Crafts Kids Will Enjoy

When the children are in the classroom, there are tons of fun activities for them to enjoy. These activities are designed to help them learn more through having fun. Arts and crafts time is always a favorite of young children and the projects give them a chance to boost their creativity.

Along with being creative and working on projects they enjoy, the children practice skills they’ll need for the future, such as drawing, cutting, and pasting. Hand-eye coordination and other essential skills are improved when kids have a chance to work on their fine motor skills through activities like arts and crafts.

Socialize with Friends Through the Summer

The children will stay busy learning, creating and exploring, but that doesn’t mean they won’t have time to make new friends and play. Play is a valuable learning tool for young children. The chance to play inside and outside with their friends can help them gain valuable skills they’ll need for the rest of their lives. They’ll be able to have fun playing inside with all the toys or on the playground outside.

Socialization skills are incredibly important, and the children won’t even realize they’re learning skills such as how to share, how to get along, how to solve problems, and more. They’ll simply be having a ton of fun with their friends and will be picking up and practicing skills they need every time they’re playing inside or outside.

Fun Learning Environment

The summer camp at Kid Academy provides a fun learning environment for young children. They’ll have the chance to be with friends, learn new skills, learn about the world, and see more of Gulfport during the 10 weeks they’re enrolled in the summer program. This is an excellent opportunity for parents who want to make sure their child is having fun and learning throughout the summer months, not just when they’re in school during the year.

Check with a staff member to learn more about the Kid Academy summer program.