About Us

Kid Academy is open Monday through Friday from 6:30am till 6:00pm. We accept students from as young as six weeks of age through age five and up, to age twelve in our After-School Program. Kid Academy’s After-School Program picks up students from Anniston Avenue Elementary, Bayou View Elementary, Central Elementary, St. James Elementary and Pass Road Elementary.

Mission Statement

Kid Academy’s mission is to provide a Christian, safe, learning environment for all students and offer pre-school classes to prepare our students for Kindergarten while having fun. On top of being “The Gulf Coast Premier Pre-School”, Kid Academy offers MORE than any of the other childcare facilities on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Reasons Kid Academy is “The Gulf Coast Premier Pre-School”

Customer Service

The management team at Kid Academy offers true customer service. The founder of Kid Academy believes in the philosophy of making sure you are available every day for your customer.  Every parent at Kid Academy has our principal/owner’s personal mobile number and can reach him seven days a week between the hours of 9:00am and 9:00pm.

Student Admission Meeting with Principal

Each new potential family (parents and student) must meet with our Principal Mr. Matt or Vice Principal Ms. Hope before being admitted into our pre-school program.  Kid Academy takes great pride in our pre-school program and have a close relationship with our parents and students.

Excel Curriculum

Students at Kid Academy are encouraged to reach for the stars everyday with our shooting stars curriculum.  Excel uses language (English & Spanish), phonics, math, science, handwriting, art, physical education, and moral values to prepare our students for entrance into kindergarten.

Christian Environment

Kid Academy is a non-denominational Christian pre-school. Kid Academy students pray each morning before class and lunch, and our pre-school students have a weekly bible study. Kid Academy’s curriculum teaches the Christian side of the Christmas season and easter each year (we still have our fun with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny too!)

Top Security

Kid Academy has full security camera system recording our front lobby, hallways, parking lots, offices, each classroom, and our playgrounds.  Each camera records into our DVR that saves footage for 14 days. Our entry code system requires a parent or guest to have a four digit code to enter into the pre-school. Kid Academy strictly enforces all of our safety policies guaranteeing our students a safe and happy day each and every day at Kid Academy!

Field Trips

Pre-K5 students take learning outside the classroom each month and throughout the summer with our “fun day” field trips!  Field trips are a crucial experience of the learning experience and play an important role in our month curriculum at Kid Academy.

Holiday Parties

The staff and students love the word “fun” and we show it throughout the pre-school year with our all our annual holiday parties.  Parents, siblings, and grandparents are invited to join us for each and every party! Holiday parties are: Valentine’s Day, Easter Egg Hunt, Grandparent’s Day Breakfast, Halloween Bash, Thanksgiving Feast, and our Holly Jolly Christmas Party!

Pre-K5 Graduation

Every late May is Kid Academy’s Pre-K5 Graduation, a special ceremony honoring our Pre-K5 students moving on to “the real world” of kindergarten.  All students are in cap & gown and receive an authentic Kid Academy diploma showing his/her accomplishment of graduating the Kid Academy Pre-School Program.