Field Trips

See What a Summer Camp Field Trips Can Offer for Your Child

Parents often work during the summer and need somewhere for their children to go. Many summer programs are unfortunately designed to keep the kids busy while their parents are at work. This means they might play a little bit or spend most of their day watching movies. This is not going to help your children thrive, which is why parents are looking for more active and fun summer programs their children will enjoy.

Kid Academy offers a summer program children can attend for 10 weeks. They’ll have a chance to learn more about the world, see more of Gulfport, spend time with their friends, and try out fun activities. They won’t be bored or spend a lot of their time watching movies; they’ll be learning, playing, and growing.

Field Trips to See the City They Live In

During Kid Academy’s summer program, children go on two field trips each week. They have a chance to get out of the classroom and see Gulfport. They’ll be able to go to a variety of places, with the field trips all set up to teach them as much as possible while they have fun.

These field trips are designed to help children learn more about Gulfport and the people who live and work in the city. They provide children with a chance to see new things and go on small adventures. Each field trip is designed with the children in mind, so they’ll be visiting places that are not only interesting but educational.

Parents are encouraged to ask the children about the field trip at the end of the day to find out what they learned and what they enjoyed during the field trip. The children are going to see and do a lot, so they’ll have plenty to talk about at the end of the day.

Safety and Fun Coexist on Field Trips

During each field trip, the children will learn about safety issues and how to remain safe. Teachers will remind them of the rules in place to help them stay safe no matter where they go on the field trip. This gives them a chance to safely explore new places with their teachers who are there for guidance and assistance. Staff members who help with field trips are trained in how to keep the children safe and how to help the children learn the rules, so they know how to be safe with the class and outside of the classroom.

Benefits of Going on a Field Trip

The children are going to have hands-on experiences that enable them to practice what they know and learn more through doing it on their own. Exploring new places teaches them about the things they see in a way that’s easier for them to learn. Instead of just reading about these places or hearing adults talk about the places to see in Gulfport, they’ll be able to experience them on their own and learn more about what interests them.

Well-Designed Theme to Teach Them About the World

Each summer program is designed with a theme in mind. This is like how themes are used during the regular school year, but there is a unique theme for the summer. Parents can discuss this aspect of the summer program with their child as well, allowing their child to verbally explore what they think about the theme they’re learning about.

Chance to Learn How to Make New Friends

Throughout the time the child is in the summer program, they’re going to have a chance to make lots of new friends. Friendship is encouraged in the classroom. The children learn how to get to know each other and how to play with each other. They learn to share, take turns, and solve problems. Additionally, they might meet new friends while they’re on a field trip and can make more friends when someone new joins the classroom. Making friends and being friendly are essential skills they’ll be able to use throughout their life.

Chance to Practice the Skills They Learn with Friends

The children are encouraged to play as much as possible. Play is the basis for learning when children are young. It helps them acquire and practice the skills they’ll need in the future. It’s not enough to just read a book about how to share with friends. Practicing this skill is what will enable them to perfect it. During their time playing, they’ll have the ability to practice skills like sharing so they can use them and learn how to do better.

Learn More About a Summer Program for Your Child

If you’d love your child to be a part of a summer program designed to teach them more about themselves and the world, and to help them gain the skills they need to do well in the future, take the time to learn more about Kid Academy. In business for 17 years and counting, Kid Academy offers a customized curriculum designed to help children learn as much as possible during their time in the school and prepare them for what they’ll learn in the future.

It just takes a little bit of time to learn more about what Kid Academy can offer your child during their summer program in Gulfport. With field trips twice a week and other fun activities, there’s going to be plenty to keep your child busy and learning during the summer