Environment and Social Activities

As a parent, you want to ensure your children are cared for when you cannot be there. For this reason, many parents often spend a great deal of time searching for a reliable childcare center for their infant, toddler, preschooler, or school-age child. Many home-based childcare providers simply place the children in front of a TV or allow them to run free without a great deal of supervision. This isn’t the case when a parent chooses Kid Academy.

Kid Academy has been in business for 17 years, focusing not only on educating children, but also on ensuring the development of crucial social skills your children will need throughout life. Parents are always welcome to visit or call if concerns arise. Kid Academy is there to support parents, as opposed to doing their job for them.


Infants are constantly learning new things through exploration and play. Every child attending Kid Academy is exposed to new activities daily to ensure they can fully experience the world around them. Infants are given lots of love, support, and encouragement as they try new things, and socialization is a big part of this process. Safety, however, remains the top priority always for every child who attends.


Toddlers are exposed to educational opportunities daily. The children don’t receive this schooling in a formal setting. Instead, they are taught through song, dance, arts and crafts, and more. This makes the process enjoyable for them, keeping them engaged in the activities. In addition to being taught things such as colors and shapes, youngsters taking part in the toddler program learn how to wait patiently for their turn, how to speak kindly to others, and how to share. Play remains the essential component of the learning process because this is how children retain information that is shared with them. Time will be spent outdoors also to ensure the children are getting the physical activity that is so important at this age.


Preschool programs are tailored to the age of the child. A 2-year-old differs significantly from a 4-year-old, thus there are separate programs for each age group. However, all programs revolve around social play and are presented in a Christian format to ensure the growth and progress of each child. Parents receive regular reports to know their child is thriving in Kid Academy’s childcare environment, and are encouraged to participate when possible to see how their child is evolving and developing into a wonderful person they can be proud of.

School-Age Children

Parents often struggle to spend quality time with their children when they get home. The focus on putting food on the table, ensuring homework is done, reviewing for tests and preparing for the next day can be time consuming. Kid Academy works to reduce some of this stress by helping children with homework and test preparation to give parents more time for fun activities. In addition, once this work is done, the children are given a wide range of exciting activities to take part in, so they never become bored.

School Safety

One thing on the minds of many parents is the safety of the childcare center. Kid Academy ensures each child is always protected and in a safe environment. To accomplish this goal, the center has placed cameras in the classrooms, the lobby, the office, and parking lot. Every classroom is also equipped with an intercom system, so teachers can remain informed at all times. There is no need for the teacher to leave children unattended in the event of a crisis or emergency.

Summer Programs

Summer is a time for children to relax, enjoy the beautiful weather, and receive a break from traditional schooling activities. However, this does not mean your child must stop learning. With the help of the programs offered at Kid Academy, children learn and have fun while doing so.

Kid Academy offers summer programs every year centered around a different theme. Past programs have been a great success, and include social activities, games, as well as arts and crafts.

Children enrolled in the summer school program will also take part in other activities, such as two field trips per week to further their education. There is never a moment of boredom for children with Kid Academy.

Christian Learning

The Bible is an essential component of every activity at Kid Academy. Teachers share information from the Bible in a variety of ways, including through songs and poems. Children receive exposure every day to the teachings found in this book and how to use the Bible to better themselves and others.

Kid Academy Productions

Throughout the year, Kid Academy hosts special events designed to let little stars show off their skills. The Spring Musical Production is a full-scale musical event that allows children to shine on the big stage. Every child age two and up takes part in this event. A Christmas event is held for the family, two game show nights take place each year, and children are invited to three pajama parties throughout the year.

Kid Academy Radio

Why settle for regular radio when Kid Academy Radio is offered? This station plays favorites of every age group, including kid favorites and popular songs from previous decades. In addition, the station hosts contests, so parents and children can win great prizes. One prize was a trip to Walt Disney World, a getaway parents and children alike would enjoy.

Don’t Miss This Opportunity

Don’t settle for just any daycare when Kid Academy is available. We make learning fun, ensuring children are engaged in all activities. Childhood is a time for children to expand their horizons and learn about the world around them.

Give us a call today to reserve a spot for your child.