Annual Kid Academy Theme

The Kid Academy Summer Program is built around a different theme each year. Children will get the chance to go on field trips each week centered around the theme to see more of the Gulfport region, fostering an appreciation for the home they’re growing up in. Children will be attended by trained staff members and teachers throughout field trips, helping them stay together, learning in a safe environment no matter where they are at the time.

Benefits of Organized Summer Activities for Kids

For many kids, when May arrives, it is time to relax, unwind and enjoy some time off from schools. Unfortunately, this may lead to endless hours of screen time, which hurts a child’s overall health and well-being. Not only can this lead to children losing some of the skills they acquired during the year but can also lead to issues with obesity and limited social interactions.

The good news is, there are a wide array of summer programs available to help break this cycle of “doing nothing.” Learning more about these summer opportunities can help parents determine if it is something that could be beneficial for their child.
Before jumping into the first program found, it is a good idea to get to know some of the options and the benefits that each one has to offer. By being informed, a parent will be able to make the right decision for their child and ensure they have a fun and healthy summer.

The Impact of Organized Summer Programs

Parents want the best for their children and want to ensure they have access to opportunities and experiences that matter. If parents are considering a summer program for their child, they will be faced with several options.

One option is a traditional day camp, where a child may spend time doing arts and crafts, playing group sports outdoors, and participating in other types of activities. Another option is an overnight camp, where children stay away from home, in a camp environment for a few weeks at a time.

For parents who are searching for an alternative option, they can choose organized summer programs. These programs provide a more educational, enlightening and engaging experience for children. Most offer a learning activity around a theme, field trips and social activities. Everything a child is missing from school, they can receive from organized summer programs. Because these programs are designed to be fun, a child won’t feel as though they are “at school” or in a traditional learning environment.

Your Child will Remain Mentally and Physically Active

In some situations, the extended summer break has a less than positive effect on children of all ages. This time away from school, other kids, and the day-to-day schedule can affect children both physically and mentally.

When there are no classes scheduled and nothing to study or prepare for, it is easy for children to fall behind. If children aren’t challenged academically to use their brains, they may not use them for the entire summer. Another common problem for many children during the summer months is gaining weight because there isn’t any type of formal gym class scheduled and the home snack cabinet is usually readily available and fully stocked. With regular attendance in a summer program, a child will be able to overcome both issues. Ensuring that children have activities each day will keep them thinking and moving, preventing the mental and physical issues mentioned above.

Improve and Build Social Skills

Virtually all summer activities are going to provide children with an opportunity to meet and interact with their peers from other neighborhoods and schools. Meeting new people is great for children and helps them expand their social skills and their social groups.

Summer Programs Provide a Structured Schedule for Children

Sleeping in, playing video games or watching television, eating snacks, and occasionally seeing friends may seem like the “life” to some children. But this isn’t a schedule that is good for them. Unfortunately, it is a routine that many kids of all ages fall into when the daily school schedule is eliminated. When it is time for school to begin again, it may be difficult for kids to restore their “normal” schedule, leaving them overly tired and unable to focus on what they are learning in class.

Enrolling your child in the summer program at Kid Academy will not only keep kids going and active but will also help to ease the back-to-school transition in the fall. This is true for kids of all ages, including those in high school.