Summer Camp

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Children’s Summer Camp Program at Kid Academy

Kid Academy has a great line of summer programs for kids of all ages. If your children are looking for something fun and enjoyable this summer, join Club Kid Academy for the coolest and the hippest summer you can have. Join us this summer for a summer you will not forget. This year, as we aim to be the top summer camp in Gulfport, MS we welcome everyone to join us in discovering America. Our young members get the chance to learn about different American states each day. Activities such as cooking, arts and crafts, and games are part of the program in order for the club members to better remember each state. Our games and activities are specific to the state that will be learned that day. Food and other specialties of that specific state will also be included in the daily activities.

An Educational Experience You Won’t Forget

We have the largest and the nicest pre-school in Gulfport and we are ready to turn this place into a great summer camp that will always be remembered. Discover America with Kid Academy and bring your friends along for the complete experience. Kid Academy is dedicated to educating our students and assisting them in their development starting from the younger years. A variety of social skills will be developed throughout the duration of the camp through engaging with others their age as well as peers.

Do not hesitate to call us or visit us for any questions regarding our unique, educational summer program. Parents are welcome to drop by and talk to our management team about the program or programs that we offer. Kid Academy offers a safe environment for children to learn and enjoy the activities.

Summer School Programs for Toddlers In Gulfport, MS

Summer school for toddlers is also part of Kid Academy’s summer program. Parents with toddlers are encouraged to enroll their children with us for fun and educational activities. This gives the toddlers an opportunity to develop various skills that they need while growing up. We offer a range of programs and activities for different ages of children.

Each program is specific to the age range of the kids so they are able to better appreciate the activities that have been lined up for them. We encourage parents to sign up now as we only have limited slots that fill up pretty quickly. If you are looking for the best summer program for your children, then you are in the right place. We always make sure that we give the children memories that they won’t forget. By registering now, you will get to register for free.

Stop Wondering and Call Us Today

If you are wondering how to best spend Summer to create an educational experience for your children, then let us handle it for you. Not only do we promise enjoyable activities, but we also promise that your child will take away something informative and exciting about the class. We always work hard to ensure that learning is a fun activity for your child and is not a dreaded task.

Kid Academy wants to create an environment open to every child where they feel welcomed and encouraged to ask questions. Summer camps are an avenue for children to have some sense of independence and a chance to learn new things with new people.

Through learning more about what they enjoy and what they find challenging, children gain self-confidence and self-awareness. Every child is unique and Kid Academy understands that, which is why we pay attention to each child, making sure that they are comfortable enough and ready to share their thoughts with the group.

Give us a call and a staff member will be ready to answer your questions about our summer school programs in Gulfport, MS today.