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A Day In Our Pre-K2 Education in Gulfport, MS

The Pre-K2 program always starts off with Morning Devotion, the Pledge of Allegiance, and our Morning Review. Each day, letters, numbers, shapes, and colors are reviewed and incorporated into the activities of 2-year-old preschool students. The monthly theme for the class is introduced through songs, stories, and dances that are educational and can help the students remember more of what they are learning. These are ways that the children can have more fun and learn at the same time. Every few weeks, a new letter is introduced to the Pre-K2 students to focus on, but the alphabet is reviewed in general.

Activities are interactive to keep the interest of the children and can include things such as painting and drawing to unleash their creative side. This has proven to be one of the most exciting and entertaining ways for the children to learn. More than just learning, we also want them to develop their skills through a number of interactive activities.

Keep Track of Your Child’s Pre-K2 Progress

Parents will also have the chance to monitor the development of their child throughout the whole program. Worksheets that report their intellectual progress are sent home with the kids every week. This is one way the parents can easily see the activities that their children are doing throughout the day. Kid Academy has excellent childcare programs that encourage the parents to participate in once the child is home.

Collaboration between the school and the parents creates a dynamic environment for discussions and other ways to improve the child’s development until to the next level of education. Our great staff is focused on helping your children and will welcome any questions or suggestions. We want to ensure that they are getting the most out of the learning opportunities that they are given.

Christian Pre-K2 Programs in Gulfport, MS

Included in your child’s daily experience at Kid Academy are Bible studies that help children have a better understanding of faith and Christian principles. Moral behavior is encouraged inside and outside of the classroom. Our students are exposed to Bible stories that they are able to relate to and use as an example throughout life as they grow up.

Through the Bible stories, pre-K2 students are able to grasp concepts at their level and have a basic background of why these stories are being told in the first place. The Christian faith is one of the foundations of Kid Academy and aims for the students to learn about and grow into. The stories that are shared will be vital to the growth of the kids’ values and personal beliefs, and parents are also encouraged to answer any question that the students might have about Christianity. We are open to communicating and elaborating on stories that the children find interesting and encouraging.

Learning Through Social Interaction and Play

Social play is highly encouraged in the Kid Academy environment. We believe that not only will this help the social development of the children but it will also teach them about being tolerant of others. Through interacting with the other students, each kid not only gets physical exercise but they also have the chance to practice patience, sharing, taking turns, and being respectful to others. These are important factors that we ensure are incorporated into all of the social activities that children experience at Kid Academy. Through meeting new people and practicing manners, the students are able to remember it as they grow up. Learning how to be gentle and to speak in a respectful manner can be a quality that stays with your child for the rest of their life. Our playground is kept clean and tidy at all times by our dedicated staff and we work towards preventing any unforeseen accidents caused by the playground area. We welcome parents to drop by and bring their children to see why many have decided to become a part of the Kid Academy family.