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Pre-K5 Education in Gulfport, MS, Available at Kid Academy

The Pre-K5 curriculum is full of excitement and activities for our students. Pre-K5 is focused on preparing children for the kindergarten year. We believe that children have this chance to prepare themselves for elementary school. A normal day starts with morning devotion, the Pledge of Allegiance, and our Morning Review.

We will also introduce “circle time” where students will be able to review and recall the days of the week, months of the year, the theme of the month, letters, numbers, shapes, and sight words. These concepts are incorporated into the everyday educational experience in order for students to better remember them as building blocks to the new year. Name writing and word writing is practiced for letter recognition and phonics development. These skills are practiced each day and the progress of the students is recorded for the benefit of the parents. The worksheets with daily educational lessons are completed every day and brought home so the parents have the option to review them.

Bible Study for Pre-K5 Students

Bible study is a part of the Kid Academy curriculum. Bible stories teach patience, sharing, and being honest and kind to others. These concepts are taught to the kids through the educational study of bible stories. This strengthens their understanding of the Christian faith and principles as they socialize with peers. Kid Academy is one of the best Pre-K5 schools in Gulfport, MS and we highly value the development of our students in all aspects of their learning.

As social play is a vital part of children’s development, we encourage physical exercises and play time. A structured physical exercise is a part of the student’s day. Students learn how to take turns, to speak gently to others, and to share through the playtime that has been allotted in the day. Mingling and socializing with peers support the social development of the students, supported through being surrounded by children of the same age.

Educational Curriculum and Testing

From the months of October through May, the students are given weekly tests that measure what they learned throughout the week. Tests are made up of seven to eight questions that include the topics of sight words, Spanish words, addition, subtraction, time, and counting money.

These weekly tests push students to be accountable and responsible about what they learn inside the classroom. Through listening and paying attention to the teacher, they will perform better on the tests. Parents are more than welcome to speak to any of our management team for an example of the tests. Parents are also encouraged to review their children every day after school and discuss with their children what was taught. Through recollection of the day’s activities, they are able to remember the concepts and lessons better.

Progress Reports and Field Trips with Kid Academy

Weekly progress reports are sent home with students to let the parents know about the progress of their child during the week. This highlights all of the lessons learned for that week and how the child has been able to grasp the concepts taught during these times. If there are any questions or suggestions, our teachers are happy to listen to them. We only want the best for our students; to see the students learn and progress each day is why Kid Academy was founded.

Monthly educational trips to the park, the zoo, the garden, and other sights that encourage mental simulation are one of the things children can look forward to. These trips are fun-filled and a way for our students to deepen their understanding of the outside world and to experience firsthand some of the subjects taught inside the classroom. The planned trips can also be in-line with the monthly theme and places such as Marine Mammal Studies Center, the Pumpkin Patch, and Lynn Meadows Discovery Center are some of the destinations that may be considered. Parents and grandparents are welcome to join the field trips.

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